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What is Hardcore Hockey?

What is Hardcore Hockey?


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


What is Hardcore Hockey?



Hardcore Hockey is a website produced by Hardcore Hockey Limited who are fanatical about sport and in particular Hockey. The website is for those players who are totally committed to developing their own playing performances and those of their team members.

Within this site there are hundreds of text, flash animation and video articles for players and coaches of all ages and abilities to develop their hockey. Sections cover fitness factor, mind matters, lifestyle and of course on the pitch topics such as technical video and performance points for a large range of skills, animated routines for penalty corners and plenty more.

Hardcore Hockey have employed innovative technology to develop the unique 'my training ground' area where members can plan their training with 'my diary' or plan their progress and track improvements using 'my profile'.

You won't need to leave the Hardcore Hockey site to keep up to date with your favourite leagues, current news and developments from the world of Hockey.

Hardcore hockey staff are also available as consultants; you can employ the expertise of one or several members of the team. With extensive experience in Education and Training we are skilled at delivering key information to a wide range of audiences. You may wish to employ a Sport Psychologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, high level Hockey Coach, a Coach Educator or a Physiotherapist – we can provide some or all of these specialists. 

In addition, we have over twenty years of combined teaching experience; we can deliver lectures and revision courses for Physical Education, Sport Science and Sport Studies at undergraduate, A/AS and GCSE levels.

In 2009 Hardcore Hockey Ltd began providing performance hockey camps to schools and clubs. These camps can run between 2 and 4 days and can be residential or day camps. The distinctive approach taken by the team ensures a holistic approach to hockey performance; attending players receive guidance on all aspects of the game from hockey-specific fitness, to sport psychology and core skills. Why not contact Hardcore Hockey to discuss a performance camp at your school or club - 



Our Philosophy


The philosophy of Hardcore Hockey is to support the coaching structure that players receive in their clubs or schools. Our aim is to provide innovative visual and web based support to coaches or players of any age and ability, allowing all hockey fanatics to receive information and gain knowledge about all areas of their performance.

At Hardcore Hockey we share a holistic view of developing players' potential. This view is based upon the idea that performance can be divided in to a number of distinct areas - shown in the model below. As you can see, the areas which make up your whole performance can be grouped as On the Pitch (technical ability, tactical knowledge), Fitness Factors, Mind Matters (mental strength) and Lifestyle. In order for players to achieve their potential they need the opportunity to develop each of these aspects of performance, as well as the faciiity to assess where they are, what their aims are and how they are going to achieve your ambitions. Hardcore Hockey is the only resource which provides players and coaches with information on every aspect of hockey performance alongside with the functionality to plan and track their development.

Hardcore Hockey is here to help you in achieving your ambition - to be the best player or coach that you can be.

For younger players you truly have your potential in your own hands and Hardcore Hockey delivers all the information you need to guide you to reaching your goals. Research suggests that for you to reach your true potential then it will take up to 10,000 hours of practice over 10 years! That's around 19 hours per week.......

For the majority of hockey players 2 hours training per week plus on average 1 hour match play is your weekly amount of hockey (in the playing season), so Hardcore Hockey is here to support you. Use the video articles to discover the performance points for skill development, plus tactical guidance on how to get the best out of your game play.  In addition to on the pitch features, Hardcore Hockey offers advice and guidance on what hockey specific fitness training you should perform, how you can improve the psychological aspects of your game, including concentration, maintaining confidence and staying in the 'zone'. Finally, your lifestyle affects your potential and performances, so read through how to hydrate, what food to eat before and after a game, as well as injury prevention and management.

Paying attention to these performance factors can provide YOU with the opportunity to Pursue your Potential.